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MatrixEngine uses the advanced technology to display high quality 3D graphics.  It might not work properly on some notebook PC if they don't have enough 3D display abilities.  By testing the contents below, you can check how MatrixEngine can work on you PC.

MatrixEngine Realtime 3D Test   In order test this contents, MatrixEngine must be installed in advance.
- MatrixEngine Required Environment
- Windows95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
IE5.5 more later version, FireFox1.0* or later version
(* IE5.5 is required)
DirectX7 or later version

Internet Explorer Users: Click on the left screen! (It will take a while to display the screen for the first time.  It will take approx. 5 minutes with 33kbps Modem.)

FireFox Users: Please click here