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MatrixEngine SE is secured 3D playback engine which works bririantly on web.

Required System to operate MatrixEngine
OS Windows98/98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1

- Internet Explorer 5.5 or later version
- FireFox1.0 or later version*

Recommended Environment
CPU PentiumIII or later
Memory more than 128MB (more than 512MB on Win2000,XP / more than 1GB on Vista,7,8,8.1)
DirectX DirectX7 or later version
Video Board

Accelerator board which supports Direct3D, AGP connection, VRAM more than 16MB, 16bit or 32bit color

* IE5.5 or later version must be installed.
The operation environment depends on contents features and specifications.  The minimum environment required doesn't guarantee the stress-free operation of all contents. 
DirectX can be installed from Microsoft Web site 
For QuickTimeVR and/or Flash replaying, QuickTime Ver.5 or later may be required.

Installer Download

Plug-in Latest version: 1,1,11,516

1) Click the right button and download the installer.
MatrixEngine Installer Icon mxsetupe.exe(2.33MB) download
2) After downloading, open the installer and proceed the set up following the instruction.
3) After downloading, you can test the performance of MatrixEngine on Display Test page. (Recommended)
For user who use FireFox browser and has proxy server set...
When you use MatrixEngine, you need to set up proxy server on Internet Explorer.  Before you start MatrixEngine, go to "start" - "Setting" - "Internet Property" - "connection", and select "setting" of the connection you use and set up proxy server.

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